Healthy Halogen oven recipes
We love to post healthy recipes to cook in your Halogen ovens. We would like to say a big thank you to all of our readers, especially those of you who sent in recipes. You make our site and we are grateful for all your support.

As part of our mission, we aim to keep posting healthy recipes to cook. Many of us like chips, hamburgers and other tasty fast foods though with your help we want to have a bias towards healthy recipes and low calorie recipes. Please bear this in mind when submitting recipes.

We’ll post recipes no matter what the recipe within reason, though if there is a group of submissions for higher calorie dishes, we may stagger publishing them on the site to balance out the Halogen oven recipes available.

We hope you understand our bias towards healthy recipes and if anyone has hot breakfast recipes and lunch recipes which they’d love to share, please send them in using our share our recipes form.

When you use the recipes posted and like the results, please take a little time to show your appreciation to our submitters by “liking” the recipes on Facebook by using the social buttons below each recipe, recommending them on Google+ and telling those that follow you on Twitter about these great recipes!

If you have ideas or queries about your healthy recipes posts, please do not hesitate to comment below this post. Please enjoy the recipes below this post!

Recent Recipes

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Lamb & Tomato Couscous

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Savoury Beef Dumplings

Posted on Sep - 9 - 2013

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